Corporate Finance

COMOI GROUP creates the new paradigm of structured finance putting the real economy and institutional investors in direct relationship. “Alternative” finance opens up interesting perspectives for investors looking for investments with an adequate risk/return profile over medium-term horizons. Corporates are ready to negotiate with institutional investors to diversify sources of funding away from the traditional banking world.

COMOI is the ideal platform to allow institutional investors to have access in investment opportunities with competitive risk/return profiles. COMOI GROUP has developed internally a high capacity of origination and placement, identifying each time the best financial structures to offer to the market.

Credit Funds

By establishing COMOI Fund S.C.A., SIF-SICAV, a specialized fund under Luxembourg law, the Group developed a financial platform capable of achieving distinctive goals simultaneously as putting institutional investors in a direct relationship with the Italian economic system, restoring the medium term financial market, reducing costs for end users and offering new high-quality assets to professional investors looking to diversify their portfolios in the medium-long term.

Italy Export Credit is the first sub-fund of COMOI Fund S.C.A., SIF-SICAV aimed at supporting Italian SMEs in their export activities.

Italy Export Credit invests in trade finance receivables, originating from international commercial contracts and mainly issued by foreign banks to settle payments in favor of Italian capital goods exporters. Trade finance receivables, typically letters of credit and guaranteed promissory notes, are acquired directly from Italian exporting SMEs on a without recourse basis (pro soluto). Through IEC, the exporters sell their deferred commercial credit to the fund at a discount price, thus collecting proceeds immediately.

For further information: Italy Export Credit.

Structured Finance

COMOI GROUP acts as arranger of transactions on the primary markets for large projects in the following areas:

  • Infrastructural projects
  • Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare
  • Intensive Capital Industries (Metals, Mining, Plants and Machinery)
  • Acquisition Finance for Private Equity Funds
  • Debt restructuring for large companies

The projects are selected on a case by case basis and introduced to our clients, mainly institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and family offices, always looking for investments at attractive returns with low intermediation costs.

The extent of international relations allows COMOI GROUP to quickly check feasibility and eligibility with a very large audience of investors globally in the world.

Trust Services

Confidentiality, dedication and continuous customization of the offered services; these are some of the most important elements we offer to clients who need to protect complex and structured private and corporate assets.

PROFIDA (Italia) S.r.l., a fiduciary company belonging to COMOI Group, is an efficient intermediary to optimize the management of investments, both private and corporate, maintaining their control with the maximum guarantee, in relation to third parties and companies held on a fiduciary basis.

The main services offered by PROFIDA (Italia) S.r.l. are:

  • the privacy on the actual ownership of the assets and of the company’s shareholdings in relation to third parties;
  • tax planning, with respect to international legal aspects and double taxation’s problems;
  • the confidential management needed for the generational handover of real estate and property assets;
  • the fulfillment of shareholders’ agreements;
  • the heading of asset management contracts among Italian and foreign intermediaries;
  • assistance in the establishment of trusts.

The fiduciary business can answer very different needs and PROFIDA (Italia) S.r.l. offers in-depth knowledge and know-how acquired through years of experience, establishing a relationship of trust and constant support with the client.