Our aim is to support the real economy combining tradition with innovation, bringing finance back to its original role.


COMOI GROUP begins operating in 1984, established by a group of private entrepreneurs. The Group’s core business at the time is to provide Wealth Management and fiduciary services through its authorized brokerage firm (“Commissionaria di Borsa”) founded in 1985 and lately transformed into CO.MO.I. SIM S.p.A..

In 2002, COMOI GROUP broadens its expertise in the Risk Management field to assist corporate clients. Acknowledging the negative market circumstances in the last years, COMOI GROUP understands the necessity to foster an efficient and virtuous relationship between institutional investors and the Italian industrial system. Hence, COMOI Fund S.C.A., SIF-SICAV, a specialized investment fund under Luxembourg law, is established in 2012 and authorized by the Luxembourg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier.

In 2015, COMOI Fund S.C.A., SIF-SICAV finalizes an operational restructuring plan in order to be compliant with the directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers (2011/61/EU).

In 2018, the Group starts the private placement process for export finance funds exclusively addressed to institutional investors.

These funds are the first aimed at supporting the real economy.

During the first half of the year 2020 the Holding company resolved upon the acquisition of the Switzerland company CO.MO.I. (Suisse) S.A. aimed at equip the Group with an asset manager through the licence to be obtained by the Regulator (FINMA).

Group structure