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We use some cookies to facilitate the browsing of this website (
Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by your browser. They are used for many purposes, such as remembering your navigation details within our website.
Thanks to those files, the website can remember your actions and your choices (e.g.: authentication to the restricted area, selected language or other viewing settings): this way, you will not be prompted every time you will visit the website or you will navigate among web pages.

Cookies are also used to verify if a visitor is registered or to help us finding out how many new visitors we get each month. They do not store personal information about the visitors, but just some data about the browsing and the use of the site (e.g.: the input and the output urls, the browsing time, the family and the version of the browser, the used device, …). By accessing the Website on any device, including the mobile devices, and from any browser you agree to these cookies: unless you change the cookies storing settings in your browser configuration, you allow the website to store technical and third-party cookies on your computer.


The website uses some technical and site management cookies in order to improve the user browsing experience, to increase the web site usability and to quicken the rendering of its contents. In details:

Cookie name Type Meaning
PHPSESSID session cookie CMS session cookie
wordpress_test_cookie session cookie CMS session cookie, used to test if cookies can be stored inside the user’s browser
wordpress_logged_in_ session cookie Site cookie to manage the browsing inside the restricted area
viewed_cookie_policy persistent cookie Site cookie to store the user’s consent to the Cookies Policy


Google Analytics

The website uses Google Analytics (by Google Inc.) as a third-party service to monitor how visitors interact with the website itself and how they reached it. This service requires a collection of anonymous data about how the visitors interact with the site, in order to enhance its usability and its user experience.
Google Analytics is set to hide a relevant part of the visitors’ IP address, using the anonymizeIp function: therefore, it can handle only anonymous, not individual, data. For further information, please see:

You can completely prevent your data from being used by Google Analytics by using a browser add-on, developed by Google. For further information refer to:

In details:

Cookie name Type Meaning
_ga persistent cookie (2 years) Used to verify if previously the user accessed the mobile site. It does not contain any personal information.
_gat persistent cookie (10 minutes) Used to collect global statistics about the mobile site’s visitors
_utma persistent cookie Used to store the user’s browsing time
__utma persistent cookie Used to store the user’s abandonment rate
__utmc session cookie Used to elaborate the user’s visit length
__utmt session cookie Handles the throttle to the Google Analytics service
__utmz session cookie Used to store data about the input url

Embedded widget contents

The website might use Youtube/Vimeo videos, and social networks widgets (like Twitter, Facebook or Google+), which provide their own cookies. For further information, see:


This website uses also Google Fonts. For information on cookies about this service:


In order to disable some or all of this website’s cookies, you need to change the default settings of your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari, Opera, …). It is possible to set your browser so that it can turn off automatically some (or all) of those, or to notify you whenever a component tries to store a cookie. Below you can find some guides on how to handle cookies with the most well-known browsers:


Please note: third-party cookies can change name, increase or decrease in number at any time and without any notice from the provider.